Spanish classes for kids, we are ready to help you.

Spanish classes for kids

The Chichén Itzá School offers special classes for kids 6 to 12 years old. 
Kids and adult classes have the same schedule and prices Teachers are native Spanish speakers with a background in teaching children Spanish through activities. Lessons are based on each child's previous knowledge of the language, learning style, and special interests For kids 5 and younger: A teacher/nanny will be closely monitoring your child while teaching them Spanish words through playful activities.

You are not sure about your level?

Contact us for a free test to determine your language level. We´ll let you know where you are at and help place you with students at the same level so you´ll learn best.

Our Team

Haleyda Galicia

Spanish Teacher and Administrator from Chichén Itzá School.

Emmanuel Galicia

Spanish Teacher by Skype from Chichén Itzá School.

Alejandro Galicia

Spanish Teacher from Chichén Itzá School.

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